Neelkanth Films announces product launching of their TV Channel ” Sadvidya TV “. The channel is now on air covering religious, patriotic, social and cultural events happening in the surroundings of our day to day life.

The main aim of this channel is to reach out to all nook and corners across the length and breadth of the globe and impart knowledge on spiritual, social, educational, sports and patriotism amongst all individuals of the society and spread the light of awareness of peace, humanity and brotherhood left behind by our Ved Gurus forgetting cast, creed and religion.

Our Team

We are small but we can achieve great things around the world

Manish Ranpariya

Managing Director

Hasmukh Patel

Chief Administrator

Prashant Karavadiya

Account Head

Nitin Kanani

Marketing Executive

Tejas Maijadiya

Promo Head

Kunal Vekariya

Graphics Designer

Jayesh Bhimani

PCR Head

Narendra Nandania

CG Operator

Vipul Radadiya

Video Editor